So lucky to have an Art studio in my garden

I started painting in my living room, after a while hubby got fed up of paints and pens etc lying around so I moved my stuff into the dining room but that didn’t last as I had to clear it all away too often. Next I moved into a spare bedroom and there I painted happily for a number of years! As time went on my selection of art materials and paintings, sketchbooks and art books grew until I could hardly move.

So I got myself a studio in an old mill a few miles away. It was good for a number of years but every winter I had to leave by 4pm when it got dark. The reason was that the old mill became very creepy after dark! But I would go in the morning and paint all day and I loved it! I had my studio at the mill for about 6 years.

  1. My Home studio

My husband decided to build me a studio at home! It took ages but it was worth the wait! This is it

And it’s fabulous. I have all my art stuff in my studio, all my sketchbooks and materials etc etc!

And my cat loves it too!

So I am one happy artist, it means I can paint all day and night too and I think my hubby likes me being around a bit more (even though I’m in the garden Studio).

I think I might paint it, lots of flowers, birds, butterflies and cats!!!!!! I don’t think he’ll agree!


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