Sketching around the village of Storth.

I dropped off my car at the garage and walked back home along the lanes and up into the beautiful village of STORTH.  Storth was looking particularly colourful on this bright and sunny day.  The flowers and shrubs looked fantastic giving some big and bold bursts of colour all over the village.

Good job I had my sketchbook with me and took a little time out from my busy schedule to do a few quick pen and ink sketches in my little village.

This view from the back lane is one I’ve passed so many times and love looking over the fields, past the horses and the rabbits to the house on the hill.

I didn’t have my WalkStool with me and so had to sketch standing up which meant that I couldn’t add colour on the spot to my sketch.  So I took a photo to remind me of the colours and added watercolour later that day in my studio!

I wonder if you can see the horse in my sketch.  It is nearly always in the field but this morning the horse was not coming out of its shed! So in an hour or two I’ll go back and see is the horse is around. I’m sure it’s a chestnut brown but just want to check. If I spot it I’ll add the colour later.

Further up into the village 

Still sketching Storth but not too happy with this sketch as I just didn’t catch the fabulous colours of the flowers in the bright sunlight. Note my favourite brush which is a ROSEMARY DAGGER. Too long to put in my pencil case so my hubby sawed off the end and filed it for me and now it fits perfectly and it doesn’t seem to matter that it’s a few inches shorter!


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